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 CineMagic is a performing arts program for
   students in 3rd through 8th grade that builds self-confidence while
   providing standards-based instruction in singing,
 dancing and acting. It
   exposes children to the performing arts -- theater traditions and music
   styles, such as jazz -- that they might not otherwise be able to experience.
   The program culminates in a spring performance on a large
stage.


PVEF sponsors teams from Camarillo's public schools to participate in the international FIRST  LEGO League (grades 4 - 8) and FIRST  LEGO League Jr. (K - 3) programs. Each year these programs focus on a different real-world issue related to the sciences. Student teams must do a research project and design a model or competitive robot -- depending on age group -- based on the year's topic. Read more...

Every year in early spring, PVEF hosts a 3rd Grade Speech Tournament. The top 30% of students from each participating school compete in categories such as poetry, storytelling, or expository speech. Students learn self-confidence while practicing the important skill of public speaking. Read more...

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Your gift puts the sizzle in STEAM! Hands-on learning in STEAM subjects -- Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math -- boosts academic achievement for all students. But low-income students may not be able to afford afterschool program fees and the fees we do receive don't begin to cover all our costs!

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